Ellen Paris

Luxury Real Estate Writer

I love the world of luxury real estate.  I’ve spent years writing and storytelling about “adventures in real estate” for national publications, both print and digital and private clients. I’ve worked with a variety of luxury real estate professionals on writing, marketing, branding and collateral pieces for print and digital platforms.

My interest kicked-off in Los Angeles, where I spent 12 years in the Forbes Magazine West Coast bureau reporting and writing about all things real estate. I am currently a Contributor to Forbes.com, focusing exclusively on what else? Real Estate. I follow luxury real estate markets around the country as my sport of choice.

From the first tear-downs turning into mega mansions in Beverly Hills to Miami’s “Star Architects” designing over-the-top luxury condos, I’ve chronicled investors who have made mega-millions during the boom years and then lost significant wealth when the bubble burst from California to Hawaii to Washington DC. Scouting out luxury market trends and writing about buying and selling opportunities is a skill, I’ve honed over the years.

Marketing Collateral – Print & Digital

Luxury Property Listings

Agent Profiles – Personal Storytelling

Website and Digital Copy

Media Consulting

Client Outreach – e-newsletters & e-blasts

Social Media and Blogs

Creative full-scope research

I am an experienced real estate writer specializing in the luxury and ultra-luxury real estate space. 

I write about everything associated with the business of luxury real estate. I understand the luxury and ultra-luxury residential markets around the country. I have researched, reported and chronicled them from Kahala to Bel Air and Beverly Hills to Georgetown to Miami to Pacific Heights through many market cycles. I get the nuances of the luxury markets and its distinctive clients.

An experienced professional writer

In addition to Forbes, I have penned real estate articles for Entrepreneur, Washington Times, Kiplinger Personal Finance, United Airlines’ Hemispheres, Estates West, Palm Springs Life, California Homes, Hawaii Investor, and the California Association of Realtors. I follow the ups and downs of the luxury real estate markets around the country just for the fun of it.

I specialize in luxury real estate.

I follow and understand the unique nuances of luxury and ultra-luxury residential markets around the country. Within the luxury and ultra-luxury real estate markets, I work with Real Estate Brokers/Agents, Residential Brokerage Firms, Condominium Developers, Custom Home Builders, Branded Residences Developers, Real Estate Marketing & Branding Firms, and Resort & Golf Community Developers.

Establishing yourself or your company as a trusted source for luxury market information with the media brings multiple returns. 

I work with clients to create a communications persona that resonates with print, digital and broadcast media. I understand the media and can get you speaking to their hot buttons in a clear and concise communication style, The result – media reporting that tells the story as you want it told.